RZR Half Day Tours

Explore Southwest Colorado with a Polaris Adventures RZR tour.
Over 100 miles of trails just minutes away from Telluride-Mountain Village.

Join us for a wide variety of RZR Tours. Whether you are a first timer or an experienced rider, we have an activity built to suit your taste. Any size group from the solo traveler, families looking for adventure to groups of 30 or more—we can provide an unforgettable experience.

Transportation is provided from Telluride Outfitters Guide Shop located in Mountain Village.


Tour Options:


Your adventure starts from our Polaris Adventures Base Camp, located 15 miles from Telluride. Tours are conducted on US Forest Service Roads and Trails. Tours offer opportunities to learn about Telluride, from its Colorful Past to the #1 Rated Resort in the United States.

Unique, once in a lifetime experiences are the standard. Custom tours are designed to maximize your adventure.

Polaris Adventures Guidelines:

Drivers must be 18 & older. Drivers with passengers must be 25. Riders must be at least 8-yrs-old.
*$20 added for $3500 exposure, additional $15 to lower exposure to $1500 per machine.

Telluride Outfitters Guidelines:

Drivers must be 16 & older. Drivers with passengers must be 21. Riders must be at least 6-yrs-old.
*Signed credit card carbon copy by participant required.


Single rider - $195

One driver on one machine

Double - $295

One driver and one passenger on one machine

Triple - $395

One driver and two passengers on one machine

Quad - $425

One driver and up to three passengers
on one machine



If your group is larger that 10 people please call to book. We are at the Guide Shop from 8am-5pm everyday, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call!


How to Dress:

- Helmets are provided and required.
- Eye protection is required. Sunglasses are good goggles are better.
- Dress as you would for a day of hiking - comfortable shoes and long pants. We recommend bringing layers, along with a raincoat.
- Sun screen and lip balm are a good idea on bright sunny days.
- 100% chance of dust or mud depending on conditions
- Please also bring credit card for damage deposit.
- Cash tips are appreciated.

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